Menu of Yuga Traditional Indian Kitchen

Welcome to Yuga Traditional Indian Kitchen!

Give yourself that much-deserving treat with the restaurant’s great food, impeccable customer service, alluring interior design, and authentic setting. While we are pleased to have you here in our place, we are more than excited for you to see and taste Indian cuisine.

From soups to roasted meat dishes, Yuga is dedicated to providing locals authentic Indian food — the North Indian and East Indian cuisines in particular. From our complete menu, you can find the tastiest and healthiest appetizers, rice meals, bread, soups, and meat dishes. They are made from locally sourced ingredients and flavoured with some of the world’s finest and nicest spices.

Yuga restaurant policies and reminders

For a fun-filled and seamless dining experience here at Yuga, allow us to guide you through the restaurant’s policies. We trust that you will intently read each policy in order to avoid confusions.

  • Reservation policy: Yuga does not accept walk-in customers. All customers must first reserve their seats/tables or private rooms for at least three or four days prior to your intended scheduled reservation. To see how it’s done, as well as where to send your requests, please visit this page: Reserve Your Seats at Yuga Traditional Indian Kitchen.
  • Online order: For customers who wish to eat at their homes, Yuga offers online ordering and delivery services. If interested, kindly refer to the instructions on our contact page.
  • Parking details: Lot parking is available behind the restaurant.
  • Dress code: Since the dining style of Yuga is casual, the management only recommends a casual dress code.
  • Neighbourhood: For clients outside of the city, the area of Yuga is in a downtown district. For better and clearer directions to get to Yuga, you can check the provided map on the contact page.
  • Payment options: Please note that both reservations and payments are done online. As for the latter, we accept AMEX, Mastercard, and Visa.
  • Smoking: The management strictly bans smoking inside the premises. However, you may light cigarettes outside (e.g. parking lot). 
  • Extra drink services: To get you more excited, Yuga has the following extra drink services:
    • Beer
    • BYO (bring your own) liquor
    • BYO (bring your own) wine
    • Full bar
    • Happy Hour
    • Gluten-free menu
  • Extra services 
    • Takeout
    • Wheelchair access

Yuga menu

Yuga cares about your health and wellness. Below is a comprehensive menu detailing the taste description and included food items of each dish. That is why we ask that you review them carefully before sending us your online order to avoid unfortunate incidents, say, allergic reactions. Our kitchen team will do the necessary actions to prevent such cases.

Plant-based menu

Yuga’s starters, soup, and main course menus are grouped into two categories: plant-based and non-vegetarian. For more details on the latter, please refer to this page: The Non-Vegetarian Course of Yuga Traditional Indian Kitchen. 


  • Aloo Tikki (2 PCS) | CAD6.30
    • Made with fried potato patties seasoned with spices, deep-fried to perfection, and then served with chickpea curry.
  • Veg. Samosa (2 PCS) | CAD4.20
    • This is a triangular, vegetarian pastry stuffed with spiced vegetables and deep-fried to perfection.
  • Veg. Manchurian | CAD10.00
    • Made with vegetable dumplings cooked in Manchurian sauce and garnished with finely chopped cilantro and spring onions.
  • Veg. Pakora | CAD8.00
    • Made with coated vegetables that are seasoned with batter and deep-fried to perfection.
  • Veg. Corn Hara Bhara Kabab | CAD9.95
    • Made with healthy corn and vegetable kebab, then deep-fried to perfection, and finally served with a mint creamy dip. 
  • Dahi Bhalla (2 PCS) | CAD4.50
    • Ground lentil balls served with yoghurt and tamarind sauce.
  • Chole Bhuta (2 PCS) | CAD10.00
    • This dish is a combination of chickpea curry and fried bread made with flour.
  • Chat Papri | CAD8.00
    • Made with waffles that are topped with boiled potatoes and chickpeas, and then garnished with yoghurt and tamarind sauce.
  • Crispy Spinach | CAD8.95
    • Made with healthy and delicious baby spinach dipped in flour batter, then deep-fried to perfection, and finally served with mango chutney from Chandni Chowk, Delhi.


  • Carrot Coriander Shorba | CAD6.95
    • Traditional Indian soup flavoured with carrots, cilantro, red lentils, and special Indian spices.
  • Hot and Sour Soup | CAD0.01
    • A sour and spicy soup that hits you in an instant with warmth and comfort, this is only made with chunks of fresh vegetables.
  • Sweet Corn | CAD6.95
    • This creamy soup is the house’s favourite. It is made with a touch of Indian spices.
  • Tomato Basil | CAD6.95
    • This tomato soup is flavoured and scented with fresh basil leaves and a few special Indian spices.

Main course

  • Aloo Gobi | CAD13.60
    • Made with cauliflower (gobi) and potatoes (aloo) together with turmeric and other spices.
  • Bhindi Masala | CAD13.60
    • This is a typical Punjabi dish made with okra cooked with fresh-cut tomatoes and onions.
  • Chana Masala | CAD13.60
    • Made with chickpeas cooked with fresh onions and tomatoes.
  • Dal Makhani | CAD13.60
    • Made with rich black lentils cooked with fresh garlic, onions, tomatoes, and kidney beans.
  • Dal Tarka | CAD13.60
    • This is another Punjabi dish known for its home-style yellow lentils cooked with fresh garlic, onions, and tomatoes.
  • Jeera Aloo | CAD13.60
    • Made with tangy and dry potatoes, then topped with cumin seeds.
  • Methi Malai Mushroom | CAD13.60
    • Made with mushrooms cooked in creamy masala gravy taste.
  • Mixed Veg | CAD13.60
    • Made with mixed veggies cooked with turmeric and cumin seeds.
  • Mutter Mushroom | CAD13.60
    • Made with locally sourced (farm-fresh) mushrooms and mutter cooked with tomato and onion sauce.
  • Palak Mushroom | CAD13.60
    • Made with spinach and potatoes cooked with freshly roasted garlic.
  • Veg. Korma | CAD13.60
    • Made with mixed veggies cooked with a creamy sauce and a touch of coconut. 


  • Biryani: It is a mixed rice dish made with Indian spices, rice, and varieties of meat and veggies. Yuga offers several biryani options, which are listed below:
    • Biryani Beef | CAD12.95
    • Biryani Lamb | CAD12.95
    • Biryani Prawn | CAD12.95
    • Biryani Veg. | CAD12.95
  • Rice: Or, if you would like to pair our main dishes with plain white rice, Yuga has made it more interesting with the following options:
    • Rice Coconut | CAD5.25
    • Rice Saffron | CAD4.20
    • Steamed Rice | CAD3.15
    • Rize Zeera (Cumin) | CAD3.15
  • Pulao: This Indian one-pot rice dish is known for its absorbed rice. It is made by cooking fragrant basmati rice with aromatic spices and herbs. Yuga’s pulao options are as follows:
    • Rice Peas Pulao | CAD7.35
    • Veg. Paulo | CAD7.35

Indian Bread

Other than the famous naan and roti, Yuga presents the diverse culture of India through the various types of Indian flatbreads.

  • Naan: Naan is India’s version of pizza. It is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread that can be filled with several toppings. Yuga makes it tastier through the following options:
    • Plain naan | CAD2.00
    • Garlic naan | CAD3.50
    • Butter naan | CAD4.00
    • Bhatura naan | CAD3.00
    • Coconut naan | CAD3.00
    • Peshawari naan | CAD4.20
    • Cheese naan | CAD5.00
    • Keema naan | CAD7.10
  • Roti: Roti is another type of flatbread but is unleavened. While both naan and roti have a chewy texture, roti is a bit rougher and less elastic than naan. Here are the roti options at Yuga:
    • Plain roti | CAD2.00
    • Missi roti | CAD3.00
  • Paratha: From the combined terms ‘parat’ and ‘atta’, paratha is a fried and flaky dough food. It is not baked on a par with naan and roti. Yuga’s paratha options are as follows:
    • Aloo paratha | CAD4.30
    • Lachha paratha | CAD4.30
    • Mint paratha | CAD4.30
    • Gobi paratha | CAD4.30
  • Kulcha: Slightly similar to naan, kulcha is a mildly leavened flatbread made with maida or refined white flour. Kulcha options here at Yuga are the following:
    • Onion kulcha | CAD4.00
    • Stuffed kulcha | CAD4.00


Yuga’s paneer dishes are fun, creative, and guaranteed healthy. We ensure that our main ingredient, paneer (or Indian cottage cheese), is locally sourced. Without used synthetic farming tools and ingredients, paneer is super rich in protein, fat, iron, calcium, and magnesium. These benefits are because of paneer’s unsalted mixture and less content on heavy cream.

Note: Paneer dishes’ level of spiciness can be tailored to your tolerance. You may choose from the following levels: mild, medium spicy, hot, and extra hot.   

  • Palak Paneer | CAD13.95
    • Spinach and cottage cheese cooked together with freshly roasted garlic.
  • Mutter Paneer | CAD13.95
    • Made with green peas and cottage cheese cooked in a tomato sauce and spiced with garam masala.
  • Malai Kofta | CAD13.95
    • Coming from Mughlai cuisine, this is made with paneer dumplings cooked in creamy gravy.
  • Karahi Paneer | CAD13.95 | Veg. dish
    • Made with cottage cheese, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers.
  • Shahi Paneer | CAD14.10
    • Made with cottage cheese cooked in rich and creamy gravy.
  • Chilli Paneer | CAD13.50
    • This is an Indo-Chinese paneer dish prepared with sweet chilli-garlic sauce.
  • Paneer Malai Methi | CAD13.95
    • This is another spicy paneer dish cooked in creamy masala gravy.
  • Paneer Mumtaj | CAD12.50
    • Made with cottage cheese cooked in butter sauce.