Different versions of biryani you should try

Biryani is a timeless classic that needs no explanation. India has so much to give in terms of cuisine, but the mouth watering biryani is one dish that all Indians agree on. What is biryani and what makes it a unique and flexible dish?

If you’re a fan of this delectable dish, kick it up a notch and tease your taste buds even more with the different types of biryani you should try.

Versions of biryani

Here are a few regional biryani variations that every biryani fan should be aware of:

  • Mughlai biryani

The aroma of succulent chunks of perfectly spiced meat encased in kewra scented rice is irresistible, immediately making one hungry. This biryani smells and tastes like royalty!

  •  Hyderabad biryani 

Though most biryanis are described by their flavorful meat, the aromatic saffron-flavored rice is the star of the show in the layered Hyderabadi biryani. It was also in Hyderabad that the Kacchi Akhni biryani was fine-tuned and perfected.

  •  Calcutta biryani 

Owing to a lack of meat, the locals altered the recipe, substituting perfectly cooked golden brown potatoes for the meat—a trademark of the Calcutta biryani. In addition, the Calcutta biryani, like most Bengali dishes, has a touch of sweetness.

  •  Dindigul biryani 

The Dindigul biryani is a much-loved local favorite, with several restaurants dedicated solely to serving it. Dindigul biryani often uses tiny cube-sized meat bits rather than huge chunks of meat. The tanginess of the curd comes from the liberal use of lemon, while the heat comes from the excessive use of pepper.

  •  Lucknowi biryani 

Lucknowi biryani has smoother textures and milder spices. The first step is to make a stock by slowly boiling meat in water filled with spices for two hours or more. This is why this biryani is moister, more tender with a delicate flavor than other biryanis.

  •  Memoni biryani

This is an extremely spicy variety. Memoni biryani uses less food coloring than other biryanis and is usually made with lamb, yoghurt, browned onions and potatoes. This allows the natural colors and flavors of the different ingredients, such as meat, rice and vegetables to shine through in this classic dish.

  •  Thalassery biryani

The Thalassery biryani, one of India’s most loved biryanis, is both sweet and savoury. Soft chicken wings, mild Malabar spices and a form of rice known as kaima are the main ingredients.

Lots of sauteed cashew nuts, sultana raisins and fennel seeds are used generously in preparing this biryani. The rice is cooked separately from the gravy and mixed only at the time of serving.

  •  Kampuri biryani

The chicken is first cooked with peas, carrots, beans, potatoes and yellow bell peppers in this plain yet delicious dish. After that, the mixture is lightly spiced with cardamom and nutmeg before being blended with rice.

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