Yuga: Must-try traditional Indian foods

If you’re going to visit India, chances are, you’re there to try some of their local delicacies. The country’s cuisine is home to delicious traditional dishes that perfectly capture their culture.

The best place to order when you’re craving some Indian dishes is here at Yuga! We offer some of the country’s best traditional foods that are made with the freshest ingredients. Our restaurant also ensures authenticity with every dish as our chefs have studied this cuisine all their lives and they know each recipe like the back of their hand.

To get your mouth watering, here are some traditional Indian dishes that you must try:

Stuffed paratha

Start the day right by eating one of India’s best breakfast dishes, the Stuffed paratha. This dish is made up of cooked layers of dough that are filled with a filling of your choice. However, two of the most common fillings that you’ll usually see in the country are either potatoes or fenugreek.

Pani Puri

It’s impossible to roam the streets of India without seeing a vendor selling Pani Puri. This dish is one of the country’s most iconic street food and you won’t regret trying these when you visit the country.

These bite-sized and hollowed balls are a treat for locals and tourists alike. The shell is made up of semolina or wheat and it is deep-fried to achieve its thin, crispy and light texture. When it’s served to you, you’ll then crack an opening on top of the balls so you can fill it with your filling of choice of either spicy potatoes or chickpeas.

This dish is best eaten in one bite to minimize the mess caused by the spicy tamarind sauce and other fillings.

Dal makhani

Dal makhani is one of India’s dishes that’s also popular in other countries. However, tasting it the authentic way such as here at Yuga is a different experience. This dish is made up of lentils which is also the direct translation of Dal.

These tiny black lentils are stewed for hours until it forms its soup-like consistency. The result is a smokey and creamy dish that’s perfect to eat at any time of the day. It’s also tradition for locals to serve this local delicacy during big events such as weddings.


If you’re looking for something savoury to snack on, Chaat is a solid choice. This delicious street food is made up of a combination of ingredients such as potatoes, bread and chickpeas. It is then finished off by placing garnishes like ginger, yoghurt or tamarind sauce.

Masala dosa

Masala dosa is one of India’s best items in their cuisine. This dish is a crepe-like pancake that’s made from rice, flour and lentils. The batter is then ladled into a griddle to form its crepe-like consistency and structure. To finish the dish off, it is filled with potatoes and hot sambar to give it a little bit of a kick.

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