Feast of the Indian Dishes – Celebrate Christmas Dinner with Yuga

Christmas is here and with it, comes the joy of celebrating the festival with all your loved ones. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and joy in the countries around the world. Canada is one such place where you can expect everything to be lit up with bright colors and Christmas decoration during this time of the year. We know that there are several Indian families living in Canada for some time now. Just like everyone else, Indians living in Canada look forward to celebrating Christmas with everyone in the family. Furthermore, we can say that no Indian gathering is complete without the delicious spread of the Indian food.

When in Canada, Indians might have got accustomed to the local staples. But during the festivities, their heart always goes back to the Indian food. The rich blend of flavors and the delicious aroma that comes from the food makes a person keep wanting for more. For all the Indians in Canada, who wish to enjoy the best Indian food during Christmas, Yuga is here to satisfy your taste buds.

Enjoying the food at Yuga
Yuga is an Indian fine dining restaurant located in the Downtown and West Spring in Calgary. Our restaurant is the perfect place for you to come as a family and enjoy the lunch and the dinner spread that we specially prepare for all our customers. One bite of our food and you are sure to be taken back to your home in India. Serving authentic Indian food, you get to enjoy the food that our chefs prepare and have a good time with your family during the Christmas.

At Yuga, we also offer catering services, where you can order food with us for your gathering. Be it a big ceremony or a small gathering for Christmas at your place, Yuga delivers delicious food right at your doorstep. With us, you never have to worry about satisfying your guests anymore.

Food at Yuga
Coming to the range of delicious food that we serve at Yuga, here is the list of dishes that are considered to be the favorite among the Indians.

1. Indian Snacks:
These are the short eats that you can enjoy with your family and they include,

  • Vegetable Pakora:
  • Cooked and steamed vegetables are packed inside a chickpea batter enveloped and deep fried with all the seasonings.

  • Chicken samosa:
  • This triangular pastry is stuffed with seasoned and spiced chicken and deep fried.

2. Vegetarian dishes
These dishes are prepared specially for those who do not eat meat.

  • Aloo Gobi:
  • An excellent side dish for the Indian breads, this is prepared by cooking potatoes and cauliflower in a mixture of spices.

  • Bhindi Masala:
  • A Punjabi specialty, Ladyfinger is cooked with tomatoes and onions in delectable spices.

3. Non-vegetarian dishes
This is for all the meat lovers.

  • Chicken Tikka Butter Masala:
  • Chicken is cooked in a masala sauce with butter sauce and bell peppers.

  • Lamb korma:
  • Minced lamb is cooked with spiced coconut and roasted cashew nuts.

These are just an example of Yuga’s expertise. Come visit us and get to enjoy more!

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